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The psychological component in the longevity equation

Can we overcome the problems associated with human mortality?

It’s toanswer this question that the researcher Oskar Burger, of the Institute for Demographic Research in Germany, focused on the transformation of human life, from prehistory to the present.

His results show that the human species has experienced an exceptional increase in life expectancy compared to animal species, recorded in the last four generations.

This recent and fast development suggests that it is largely due to our ability to develop our life conditions, rather than a genetic predisposition or a consequence of the evolution of life.

Some individuals hide their ageas they grow older, when it should beadmitted. But they probably will not provide much to the mystificationas we imagine.

Perhaps there would be indeed a gap between the age we feel we have and our actual age. If this phenomenon does not surprise many people, it has just been fully analyzed, measured and clarified for men and women aged over 70 years by the Institute of Human Development in Berlin in collaboration with the University of Michigan in the United States.

After interviewing 516 individuals aged 70 and over, twice in a six years interval, the researchers conclude that older people – especially men – often feel younger than their age, by 13 years on average. Men easily perceive themselves younger than women do. “Women see themselves four years older on average than men”. One of the possible reasons is that they are generally more aware of their appearance than men, especially with all the current negative images on old age.

If men seem more satisfied with their age than women, their satisfaction decays faster than women’s. In general, people feel much younger than they are. Eventually the feeling of being young is the perfect illusion of old age.


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